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When Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer?

us immigration lawyer in Vancouver, BC

The laws and rules around immigration, citizenship, and emigration are all very different. Different countries have different rules for different scenarios, and it can make something as simple as wanting a green card or wanting citizenship a headache.

No one wants to break immigration law, but with the constant state of change that immigration undergoes, having a us immigration lawyer in Vancouver, BC can be a large help. They know the law inside and out and will keep up with its changes.

The best time to call an immigration lawyer is whenever you are at the beginning of the process. They will be able to help you understand the law, what you can and cannot do, and if you are at risk of being deported or are being denied a green card or citizenship.

Meeting with an immigration lawyer can either be part of a free consultation or it can be paid for, depending on the type of lawyer that you meet. The first meeting will focus on what they could do for your case if you hired them, and you will need to come prepared. Bring along any documents that relate to the situation, anything you’ve received from immigration authorities, and any questions that you might have.

Once the free consultation is over, the lawyer will see what your case looks like and charge you either an hourly fee or a flat rate. If you both move forward together, then they will begin work on your case. Make sure to keep your attorney informed of any changes or developments in the case from your end, as surprises only cause more stress and often cause fee changes.

Working with an immigration lawyer is something that is a necessity if you are dealing with an immigration issue. Find the right one for you, and they can help with any problem.